BetOnline Poker Review: An Underrated US Site


Finding a reliable online poker room to play on from the US is becoming increasingly harder. Save for those few lucky ones who live in the states with regulated online gambling, other Americans are pretty much left scratching their heads if they want to play a few hands of online poker.

That’s why BetOnline poker is a rare gem that players need to know about.

BetOnline General Info: Best Choice for US Players

BetOnline’s best guarantee is their longevity. The company has been in business, in one form or another, since early 90’s. They’ve truly seen it all and, more importantly, they’ve weathered many storms without ever going under. Always quick to adapt, they’ve discovered and rediscovered ways to serve their players.

There are two things that US players are most interested when it comes to choosing their online poker site: banking and player traffic. In both these departments, BetOnline succeeds to keep their head well above the water when all circumstances are taken into consideration.

Deposits & Withdrawals for US Players

Let’s start with the most important issue: getting money on and off the site. If you belong to the group of people who engaged in this painstaking activity from the US, you are probably well aware of all the obstacles on the road.

Credit Cards

BetOnline have managed to solve these issues pretty well. The success rate of credit card deposits probably earns the highest score for card rooms open to US players. Most American banks go through without issues. Of course, there is no such a thing as 100% success rate in the current climate, but they come pretty close.


Another option that US players are going to love is Bitcoin deposits. This crypto-currency has been gaining a lot of popularity lately and it certainly represents a great way to move the money around the obstacles. Some people are still not very fond of it because of the inherent volatility, but it does represent an elegant solution to the problem.


Now, for the withdrawals:

Whatever a room does, withdrawals are always going to be tough for US players. Unless something changes quite radically, it will never be a simple click and get your money like for the rest of the world players. That said, BetOnline offers following options:

  • Bitcoin – get your money within 24 hours with only 2% fee
  • Paper check (up to two weeks)
  • Cash transfer

Whatever method you decide to go with, you can rest assured that money will be with you within a reasonable timeframe at least. While checks’ waiting time of couple of weeks may seem excessive, just check out other US-facing poker rooms.

You might change your mind.


Players Traffic and Game Selection

Here’s the thing:

A room could offer under-an-hour withdrawal times and accept all deposit methods available to US players, but all of that wouldn’t be worth much without decent action at the tables. Of course, one thing leads to another, but that’s beside the point.

The point is, a room needs to have a decent traffic and a nice game selection of poker donkeys if they want players to give them a chance. Not surprisingly, BetOnline have managed to do fairly well in this department too. They are not PokerStars by a long shot, but compared to their competitors, they hold their own.

Cash game players will certainly not be disappointed as there are games running around the clock on all stakes up to NL200 and sometimes even NL1,000 is running. This is far more than one would expect from a primarily US-facing online poker room, which makes it a huge positive.

BetOnline Poker’s Tournaments

Tournaments are somewhat lacking, but that’s to be expected. Big multi-table tournaments from the pre-Black Friday era require huge numbers of active players and that’s just not reasonable to expect from a smaller site. We’d all love it, of course, but that’s one department where things are only going to get better when some sort of a regulation is in place.

This is not to say that tournaments don’t run. You can expect a few hundred players in most of BetOnline scheduled events which may even be a preferred option for some players who like grinding smaller fields and playing with a lower variance. Just don’t expect massive numbers and huge prize pools.



If there was one department in which BetOnline was lacking, that was their software. It used to be rather simplistic and while it offered most functionalities one would expect, it left a lot to be desired. All that changed in 2016 when the company came out with a brand new software solution unparalleled on the US market.

The new software is highly customizable, letting players shape their online experience. From basic functionalities like four-color deck and table resizing to speed of animation and avatars, you can pretty much make BetOnline your very own.

Of course, the fact that there are software instances for different mobile devices as well as Mac computers really add to the overall picture. Even many far bigger sites can’t boast such a wide availability.

BetOnline: One of the Best Choices for US Players

When all things are factored in, BetOnline represents one of the bestĀ options for US players. While there are certain areas where things could be better, like tournament numbers, the overall package is definitely the best one on the market.

From a generous welcome bonus to good game selection and extremely fast withdrawals in the current climate, the room is certain to make your playing experience a great one. And, sadly, that’s far more than US players are accustomed to these days.